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Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Statue

Only available to France and Monaco

Kitsune State, a company that creates anime based statues, is releasing for France and Monaco, a statue based on Seto Kaiba and his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

The product is exclusive to those countries.

300 Status will be produced, at a price of 699 Euroes (roughly 775 US Dollars).

The statue is 1/7th Scale (and all future Yu-Gi-Oh! related statues will be of the same size to ensure continuity)

Weight is roughly 10 Kilos

Dimensions are 46 x 54 x 47.2 cm

It will be shipped early 2021

It is made of a combination of Resin, PU and PVC

Project Director: Yann Rademske et Baptiste Periou

Artistic Direction: Baptiste Periou et Sacha Delon

Painter: Titinun Naksud

Concept Art: Guilherme Daigo

3D Sculptor: Sacha Delon

Packing & Certification: Amaury Geelen

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