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Storage Box DX Osiris Red

Gotcha! That was a fun Duel!

The third special limited good for Konami Card Game Stations and Satellite Shops has been revealed: A Special Storage Box Set based on “Osiris Red” from “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX”.

This box can contain 300 cards in sleeves. That’s three times the size of a standard “Official Card Game” Duelist Card Case. It also comes with 3 separators and also a Dice with “Winged Kuriboh” on it.

Duelist Card Storage Box DX Osiris Red

● Maker/KONAMI
● Release Date/March 16th 2019
● Price/3000 Yen (plus Tax)

● Size/Storage Box
Height: 115mm
Weight: 200mm
Depth: 95mm

● Content Materials/
Storage Box: Leather



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