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In a shocking twist of events, 3 Normal Monsters get imported.

Rex Raptor Starter Deck

SS03-ENA01 Serpent Night Dragon
SS03-ENA02 Two-Headed King Rex
SS03-ENA03 Uraby
SS03-ENA04 Crawling Dragon #2
SS03-ENA05 Tomozaurus
SS03-ENA06 Anthrosaurus
SS03-ENA07 Black Tyranno
SS03-ENA08 Super-Ancient Dinobeast
SS03-ENA09 Mad Sword Beast
SS03-ENA10 Gilasaurus
SS03-ENA11 Gale Lizard
SS03-ENA12 Dark Driceratops
SS03-ENA13 Hyper Hammerhead
SS03-ENA14 Black Stego
SS03-ENA15 Gentlemander
SS03-ENA16 Raise Body Heat
SS03-ENA17 Ultra Evolution Pill
SS03-ENA18 Spacetime Transcendence
SS03-ENA19 Cost Down
SS03-ENA20 Summoner’s Art
SS03-ENA21 White Elephant’s Gift
SS03-ENA22 Heat Wave
SS03-ENA23 Card Advance
SS03-ENA24 Hunting Instinct
SS03-ENA25 Reinforcements
SS03-ENA26 Pharaoh’s Treasure
SS03-ENA27 Limit Impulse

Weevil Underwood Starter Deck

SS03-ENB01 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
SS03-ENB02 Petit Moth
SS03-ENB03 Big Insect
SS03-ENB04 Basic Insect
SS03-ENB05 Winged Cleaver
SS03-ENB05 Kumootoko
SS03-ENB06 Alinsection
SS03-ENB07 Insect Queen
SS03-ENB08 Cocoon of Evolution
SS03-ENB09 Man-Eater Bug
SS03-ENB10 Pinch Hopper
SS03-ENB11 Insect Princess
SS03-ENB12 Gokipon
SS03-ENB13 Bee List Soldier
SS03-ENB14 Beetron
SS03-ENB15 Laser Cannon Armor
SS03-ENB16 Forest
SS03-ENB17 Verdant Sanctuary
SS03-ENB18 Insect Neglect
SS03-ENB19 Worm Bait
SS03-ENB20 Enchanting Fitting Room
SS03-ENB21 Dark Factory of Mass Production
SS03-ENB22 Amulet of Ambition
SS03-ENB23 Eradicating Aerosol
SS03-ENB24 Spider Egg
SS03-ENB25 Corrosive Scales
SS03-ENB26 Adhesion Trap Hole
SS03-ENB27 Order to Smash

Variant Cards

SS03-ENV01 Order to Charge
SS03-ENV02 Jar of Avarice


This will be the first time the TCG will see the release of Big Insect, Alinsection and Winged Cleaver, all Normal Monsters from around 1999 in the Official Card Game.



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