[FUEN] Various Rarities

Various rarities for cards confirmed. This isn’t a complete set of all cards in Fusion Enforcers yet. Thanks and enjoy.

Fluffal Octopus is a Secret Rare

Fluffal Penguin is a Super Rare


Meanwhile, all of the Invoked Fusions, their Fusion Spell (Invocation) and their Field Spell (roughly along the lines of “Magic Meltdown”) are Secret Rares.

Aleister the Invoker is a Super Rare.


Super Rares:
– Fusion Conscription
– Grisaille Prison
– Instant Fusion
– King of the Swamp
– Polymerization
– Summoner Monk

Secret Rares:
– Omega Summon
– “The Book of the Law”


– Edge Imp Chain
– Frightfur Fusion
– Toy Vendor
– Fusion Reserve
– Frightfur Wolf
– Frightfur Sheep

– Frightfur Kraken
– Frightfur Tiger


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