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[TCG] DAMA Reveal Week

It’s that time again, get ready for a week of Content Creators dripfeeding us things!
To start with, confirmation of the Cover Card’s name, “Shooting Majestic Star Dragon”!

On Tuesday we will get confirmations of the names of the “Despia” theme that continues the story of “Fallen of Albaz”.

On Wednesday, the “Gizmek” theme will be shown off.

On Thursday, we will be shown 6 Free Agent cards that can be thrown into any deck. Below are the 6 artworks shown off with this announcement.


On Friday, Pack Openings will finally happen, and we should see most of, if not, all of the set.

The new World Premiere theme is confirmed to be “Beetrooper”. Konami hopes we’ll see them in reveals on Friday.

Stardust Dragon is confirmed to be a Starlight Rare.



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