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[OCG] Upcoming Products for Spring 2014

A book and some various accessories.

Number Guide 3
May 2nd, 2014
1512 Yen
No Promos Announced At This Time

May 17th, 2014
New Designs Appear For the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V era of the “Duelist Item Series”, Items Every Duelist Should Have!!

Duelist Card Protector Black (330 Yen)
Duelist Card Protector Blue (330 Yen)
Duelist Card Protector Red (330 Yen)
◆ 1 Pack inclues 55 Card Protectors. Each Protector contains a high-quality thick foam. They’re best for protecting your valuable cards during a tournament!

Duelist Card Sleeve Gold (250 Yen)
Duelist Card Sleeve Silver (250 Yen)
◆ Includes 100 Sleeves per Pack.
Transparent Card Sleeves with a Silver or Gold logo that are great for protecting your cards.

Duelist Card Case (500 YUen)
◆ Includes 1 Seperator
A card case that makes it easy to carry your deck. It’s rather big with its 100 x 75 x 75 dimensions

Duelist Card Binder (600 Yen)
◆ A mechanical binder with 8 binder pages with 4 pockets each (allowing you to carry a total of 64 different cards)
Its dimensions will also allow you to add a common 6 hole binder page.

Duelist Card Carrying Case (1200 Yen)
◆Includes 5 Seperators.
This is the perfect Card Carrying Case for protecting your collection or multiple Decks.




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