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[Duel Links] New Mini Box & Celebration Sale

Spirit of the Beast is now available and the shop has a UR/SR sale to celebrate.

Available from October 25 2019.

  • UR/SR Sale
  • Recommended Cards
  • Examples of Combos
  • List of Cards Included


The sale is available October 25 – 31 and deals will be purchasable in the following order:

You can also collect x500 gems from your Gift Box as part of the campaign.

New Loaner Deck Duels have also been added alongside the new Box:

– Spirit of the Beast 1

– Spirit of the Beast 2

Recommended Cards

Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio [UR]

Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda [UR]

Yosenjus’ Sword Sting [UR]

Divine Wind of Mist Valley [SR]

Example of Combos

Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio + Ritual Beast’s Bond

Divine Wind of Mist Valley + Yosenjus’ Secret Move + Yosenju Kama 2

List of Cards Included

A total of 50 types of Cards:

3 UR, 10 SR, 17 R, and 20 N.


Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio

Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda

Yosenjus’ Sword Sting


Spiritual Beast Cannahawk

Yosenju Kama 3

Yosenju Kama 2

Crystron Thystvern


Divine Wind of Mist Valley

Magnetic Field


Crystron Impact

Super Team Buddy Force Unite!


Turbo Warrior

Mist Valley Thunder Lord

Ritual Beast Ulti-Pettlephin

Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk

Ritual Beast Tamer Elder

Spiritual Beast Pettlephin

Spiritual Beast Rampengu

Yosenju Tsujik

Yosenju Izna

Mist Valley Falcon

Flying Kamakiri #1

Ritual Beast’s Bond

Ritual Beast Return

Yosen Training Grounds

Yosenjus’ Secret Move

Mist Valley Executor

Garuda the Wind Spirit


Punished Eagle

Ritual Beast Tamer Lara

Ritual Beast Tamer Wen

Spiritual Beast Apelio

Yosenju Magat

Yosenju Kodam

Yosenju Oyam

Turbo Synchron

Risebell the Star Psycher

Wing Eagle

Monstrous Bird

Blue-Winged Crown

The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave

Yosen Whirlwind

Yosenju Wind Worship

Ritual Beast Ambush

Mist Valley Thunderbird

Mist Valley Baby Roc


Sealing Ceremony of Raiton




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