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[SPFE] Eidolon Beast Deck Recipe

A Deck List for playing the Eidolon Beasts, based on all of the theme’s cards from Fusion Enforcers.


“Eidolon Beast” Deck

3 Aleister the Eidolon Summoner
2 Photon Thrasher
1 Kagetokage
1 Gentlemander
1 Gem-Knight Garnet
1 Gem-Knight Lazuli
1 Sinister Serpent
1 Performage Trick Clown

3 Eidolon Summoning Magic
3 Reckless Magic Circle
2 Book of Law
3 Instant Fusion
1 Super Polymerization
1 Fusion Gate
3 Terraforming
3 Brilliant Fusion
3 Twin Twisters
3 Wonder Wand
2 Book of Eclipse

2 Magical Name – To Mega Therion

2 Elysion the Eidolon Beast
2 Merkabah the Eidolon Beast
2 Magallanica the Eidolon Beast
1 Cocytus the Eidolon Beast
1 Raideen the Eidolon Beast
1 Caligula the Eidolon Beast
1 Gem-Knight Seraphanite
1 Musician King
1 King of the Feral Imps
2 Daigusto Emeral



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