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[RD/MAX1 + RD/KP03] Episode 21’s Cards

I’ve only known Sorako for an hour. But if anything happened to her–

RD/MAX1-JP046 宇宙 Uchuu (Outer Space)
Field Spell Card
[Requirement] None
[Effect] While this card is face-up in the Field Zone, all face-up monsters (Level 4 or lower) on the field lose 300 ATK/DEF.

RD/KP03-JP045 火麺激辛レッドの術 Kamen Gekikara Red no Jutsu (Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Red Hot)
Normal Spell Card
[Requirement] None
[Effect] Choose 1 face-up monster (Pyro-Type) you control. This turn, it gains 300 ATK, and its attacks pierce (When it attacks a Defense Position monster, if it has more ATK than that DEF, inflict the difference as battle damage).

RD/MAX1-JP045 ビッグバン・エッガー Big Bang Egger
Level 1 DARK Pyro-Type Normal Monster
ATK 600
Which came first: The cosmos or the egg? It is the creator of this explosive way of thinking.

RD/MAX1-JP044 シラガネギンガー Shiraganeginger
Level 4 DARK Pyro-Type Normal Monster
ATK 400
DEF 1400
A maiden who floats freely down the heavenly river of the Milky Way. Her figure is like a flowing star. Those who see her and pray to her for wishes to come true are endless, but she dryly comments dreams will only come true by your own hard work.

RD/MAX1-JP043 ギャラクシー・ナルトローラ Galaxy Narutorolla
Level 4 DARK Pyro-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1200
DEF 1000
[Requirement] If “Outer Space” is face-up on the field, send the top card of your Deck to the Graveyard.
[Effect] This card gains 600 ATK until the end of this turn.

RD/KP03-JP033 火麺上忍カエダマゴックブート Kamen Jounin Kaedama Gockboot (Masked Fiery Noddle Jonin Kaedama Gockboot)
Level 8 FIRE Pyro-Type Effect Monster
ATK 2400
[Requirement] Send 1 face-up Normal Monster (Pyro-Type) you control to the Graveyard.
[Effect] Inflict 1000 damage to your opponent and draw 1 card.

Note: Kaedama means like a substitute or double, but it can also mean a second serving of noodles to add to your previously purchased Ramen.

RD/MAX1-JP047 チャーシューティング・スター Charshooting Star
Normal Trap Card
[Requirement] When your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster (Level 5 or higher) face-up.
[Effect] Choose 1 face-up monster (Pyro-Type) you control, and you gain LP equal to [the chosen monster’s Level] x 200. Then, return the chosen monster to the owner’s hand.

RD/MAX1-JP042 コズミックストリング・ヌードルイダス Cosmic String Noodle-Druidess
Level 8 DARK Pyro-Type Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 1000
[Requirement] If “Outer Space” is face-up on the field, send 2 monsters (Pyro-Type) from your hand to the Graveyard.
[Effect] Destroy all face-up monsters (Level 7 or lower) on the field.

Note: This card is the second SEVENS DVD/Blu-Ray promo, which was mentioned with no details a while back.


A man shrouded in darkness. The most reliable hypothesis is that he's a space pilot from another universe, forever marooned by way-less-fun laws of physics. His prodigious talent for reading Sunriseland Runes made him shine during the dreadful "2018 Christmas Incident". As an Italian, he's a fierce opposer to pineapple pizza and ashamed of Italian YGO.