[20TH] 20th Anniversary Duelist Box Booster Pack Checklist

Apparently confirmed from the actual product.

20TH-JPB01 Magician of Chaos (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB02 Dark Cavalry (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB03 Draw of Destiny (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB04 Diffusion Wave Motion (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB05 Dark Magical Circle (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB06 Eternal Soul (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB07 Elemental HERO Nebula Neos (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB08 Elemental HERO Grandman (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB09 Double Hero Attack (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB10 Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB11 Wrath of Neos (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB12 Miracle Fusion (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB13 Signal Warrior (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB14 Junk Speeder (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB15 Stardust Wish (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB16 Junk Synchron (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB17 Doppelwarrior (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB18 Effect Veiler (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB19 Number 39: Utopia Double (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB20 Utopic Onomatopeia (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB21 Shining Draw (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB22 Gagaga Magician (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB23 Double or Nothing! (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB24 Hi-Five The Sky (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB25 Odd-Eyes Advance Dragon (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB26 Performapal Smile Sorcerer (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB27 Pendulum of the Soul (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB28 Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB29 Smile World (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB30 Duelist Alliance (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB31 Cyberse Enchanter (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB32 Backup Supervisor (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB33 Decode Destruction (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JPB34 Cyberse Wizard (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB35 Link Disciple (Normal Parallel)
20TH-JPB36 Security Dragon (Normal Parallel)

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