Cardfight Coalition

[Announcement] A New Website – for CF: Vanguard

We weren’t satisfied with just one game it seems.

Three years ago today, on August 1st, we launched a little website called ygorganization. Our baby turned 3 years old last month and we could be prouder, but today has always been the monumental risk day. The day we sent her off to the world to see if she’d sink or swim, and swim she did.

We’ve been spending the better part of a year working on a new project, building a new team, and decided that today was the best possible day to launch it. We call it Cardfight Coalition.

A new website with a similar leadership and identical mission statement, but for a different game. We know the vast majority of you, the viewers, are Yu-Gi-Oh! players, and we promise to maintain the same level of quality coverage to you despite some of our staff re-directing their attention (or dividing it) with the new site. More information on the team involved can be found over on the other page, which conveniently will be linked in the top right corner (and vice versa) between the sites!

Thank you for your loyal viewership. I hope you enjoy the new site!