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Lucrea Asuka Tenjouin Figure Details

From the Lucrea Website.

A 1/7th Scale figure of Tenjouin Asuka, i.e. the “Queen of Obelisk Blue” one of the Top Duelists of the school form “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX”, by the Lucrea Series!
A three dimensional model with her outstanding proportions in a pose meant to give off the dignified air she has when Dueling!
You can feel her nobility from how she has her arm tightly stretched out, with the card caught in between her fingertips.
Her characteristic hairdo, the details of her Academy brand Duel Disk, and her gentle yet dignified expression are all firmly reproduced.
The first print run will include an “Academy Duel Disk Obelisk Blue Key chain”.
Please take a look at her dignified appearance which loves Dueling.

※ The “Academy Duel Disk Obelisk Blue Keychain” will be included only in the first production run.
It will not be included with future runs.

Product Name
Lucrea Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters GX Tenjouin Asuka [With Limited Edition First Run Goods Included]

Sales Price:
14,630 Yen (Tax Included, But Shipping Isn’t)
※ A fee will be charged when selecting Cash on Delivery.

Product Size
240 mm Tall Approximately

Product Specifications
・ Product Figure with Paint Finish
・ Dedicated Pedestal
・ Limited Edition First Run Bonus: Academy Duel Disk Obelisk Blue Key Chain

Product Shipment Date
Scheduled to be shipped in late March 2020

Purchase Restrictions
You can only buy 1 at a time
Only 3 per Person
Only one per order

(This is for easy of packing and shipping. We refuse multiple orders of the same product and simultaenous orders of other product. When ordering multiple figures, please do multiple separate orders.)

Ordering Period
October 25th 2019 to Late December 2019

How to Purchase
メガトレショップ MegaTreaShop
プレミアムバンダイ Premium Bandai
ジャンプキャラクターズストア Jump Characters Store
あみあみ Ami Ami
イエローサブマリン Yellow Submarine (Excluding some stores)
※ There are no other general retail stores.



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