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[CP20] Afterglow

The card that Aporia used in his unsuccessful attempt to turn on Z-ONE is revealed as one of the Collection Pack 2020 debuts.

Normal Spell
You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per Duel.
(1) Banish as many “Afterglow” as possible from your hand, Deck, GY, and face-up field, including this face-up card you control, then shuffle 1 of your banished “Afterglow” into the Deck. During your next Draw Phase, show the card(s) you draw for your normal draw, and if you drew “Afterglow”, inflict 4000 damage to your opponent.

Source: Official Twitter

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A man shrouded in darkness. The most reliable hypothesis is that he's a space pilot from another universe, forever marooned by way-less-fun laws of physics. His prodigious talent for reading Sunriseland Runes made him shine during the dreadful "2018 Christmas Incident". As an Italian, he's a fierce opposer to pineapple pizza and ashamed of Italian YGO.