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[Site Update] Get new articles autoposted to your Discord server!

The easiest way to stay informed!

Hi all, AntiTcb, webmaster of YGOrg here! If you want to have new articles from YGOrganization or CardfightCoalition automatically posted to your Discord servers, I’ve got good news for you. New in our Discord server are two announcement channels, one for each website.

Just simply go to the appropriate channel, and hit the “Follow” button. You can then add them to any Discord server you have permissions in, and receive notification whenever we post new content the instant it is published!

There’s some of you out there in the past that have similar functionality through OrgBot Jr. Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to Junior; he’s served his job well these past few years, but thankfully Discord has gotten better at making its purpose in a much simpler way.  This post will be the last one that goes out through the old system, so, be sure to use the announcement channel in the future.

I’ve got several other projects in the pipeline for the site, and maybe some of you will like them, but I’m happy to have this one finished and ready to use. Be sure to join our Discord ( and get all your server setup with our news notifications.

And now, I retreat again into the programmer’s dungeon. Until next time!

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Former Dueling Network Head Administrator / RC-1, RC-2, and PC-1 Konami Judge / Webmaster of YGOrganization