Battles of Chaos TCG foils

1 week until the Premiere.

Starlight Rares
BACH-EN004 Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon
BACH-EN009 Dinomorphia Therizia
BACH-EN100 The Dark Magicians

BACH-EN000 Libromancer Geek Boy
BACH-EN004 Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon
BACH-EN006 Icejade Kosmochlor
BACH-EN009 Dinomorphia Therizia
BACH-EN034 Illusion of Chaos
BACH-EN040 Guardian Chimera
BACH-EN041 Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign – Qixing Longyuan
BACH-EN045 The Zombie Vampire
BACH-EN063 Sales Ban
BACH-EN068 Dinomorphia Domain

Ultra 14/14:
BACH-EN003 Timaeus the United Dragon
BACH-EN007 Icejade Aegirine
BACH-EN015 Vampire Ghost
BACH-EN025 Chaos Nephthys
BACH-EN036 Master of Chaos
BACH-EN037 Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon
BACH-EN038 Dinomorphia Kentregina
BACH-EN044 D/D/D Deviser King Deus Machinex
BACH-EN059 Ursarctic Radiation
BACH-EN060 Floowandereeze and the Advent of Adventure
BACH-EN081 Dragonbite
BACH-EN085 Sol and Luna
BACH-EN089 Libromancer Doombroker
BACH-EN090 Libromancer First Appearance

Super 26/26:
BACH-EN001 Magikuriboh
BACH-EN005 Dictator of D.
BACH-EN008 Icejade Creation Kingfisher
BACH-EN011 Nordic Beast Gullinbursti
BACH-EN012 Nordic Smith Ivaldi
BACH-EN013 D/D Gryphon
BACH-EN017 S-Force Retroactive
BACH-EN026 Epigonen, the Impersonation Invader
BACH-EN028 Alice, Lady of Lament
BACH-EN035 White Relic of Dogmatika
BACH-EN039 Dinomorphia Stealthbergia
BACH-EN043 Dark Dimension Soldier
BACH-EN048 Vampire Fascinator
BACH-EN049 Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy
BACH-EN050 Vision with Eyes of Blue
BACH-EN051 Ultimate Fusion
BACH-EN052 Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle
BACH-EN055 Nordic Relic Hlidskjalf
BACH-EN056 Dark Contract with Patent License
BACH-EN061 XYZ Combine
BACH-EN073 Dinomorphia Reversion
BACH-EN074 Nordic Relic Svalinn
BACH-EN086 Libromancer Magigirl
BACH-EN087 Libromancer Agent
BACH-EN088 Libromancer Firestarter
BACH-EN091 Libromancer Intervention

You can view the effects of the Libromancers here, other World Premiere cards here, and the Imported cards here. The full set list can be seen at Yugipedia.

Sources: Battle of Chaos product openings. NA Playlist | EU Directory

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