Introducing: HeroSync!

[CIBR] Trickstar Sweet Devil

You liked Trickstar Holly Angel? Well, her cute evil sister has arrived.

CIBR-JP044 トリックスター・スイートデビル Trickstar Sweet Devil
Link 2 LIGHT Fairy-Type Link Effect Monster
ATK 2000
Links: Left, Right
Materials: 2 “Trickstar” monsters
(1) Each time a monster(s) at this card’s Link Point is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the Graveyard, inflict 200 damage to your opponent.
(2) Each time a “Trickstar” monster effect inflicts damage to your opponent: All face-up monsters your opponent currently controls loses 200 ATK for each monster at this card’s Link Points until the end of this turn.



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