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[SEVENS] Episode 84 Summary

So what has Roa lost to Monster Reborn…?

Episode 84: 二つの想い – Futatsu no Omoi
(The Two Ideals/The Two Towers of Ideals)

Roa has been practicing like mad for a secret RoaRomin concert. Like Gakuto and the others, Roa seems to have lost all his memories about Rush Duels. Yuga challenges Roa to a Duel in order to restore his memories. And so, they Duel each other once again. The day of the Seven Hells Hall concert will now be re-created…!

Note: This episode is named after 二つの塔 Futatsu no Tou (The Two Towers), the second book of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


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