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[SEVENS] Episode 80 Summary

So how do you go from cute bean and bowtie to edgy chuni creep.

Episode 80: ゴーハ6兄弟 – Gōha Roku Kyōdai
(The Six Goha Siblings)

Because of the many new Duel rules that were created, Goha Corp. is now in chaos. Mimi doesn’t agree with how the Goha Siblings are handling things, so she forces her way into the president’s office. As Mimi demands answers from the siblings, Yuro reveals the truth about the Six Goha Siblings to her…

Script: 齋藤幸司 || Saito Koji
Storyboard: 近藤信宏 || Kondo Nobuhiro
Direction: 三好正人 || Miyoshi Masato
Animation Director(s): TBD



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