[SEVENS] Episode 61 Summary

I don’t know why the rest weren’t listed either.

Episode 61: 実況!パワフルラッシュデュエル – Jikkyō! Pawafuru Rasshu Dyueru
(A Live Show! Powerful Rush Duel)

Yuka showed up before Yuga and co. again, and commenced a Baseball Duel. She asked for the strongest batter, and Roa responded by announcing that he will avenge Romin as a fellow RoaRomin member. Thus began an unusual showdown between Rock Music and Baseball! Powerful Rush Duel, play ball!

Odo Yuga: Ishibashi Hiiro
Kamijo Tatsuhisa (Luke): Yashiro Taku
Sogetsu Gakuto: Hanae Natsuki
Kirishima Romin: Kusunoki Tomori
And others

Script: うえのきみこ || Ueno Kimiko


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