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[SEVENS] Episode 29 Summary

It’s time for the arc of never ending Gundam references to kick into full throttle.

Episode 29: ギャリアン大地を掘る – Gyarian Daichi o Horu
(Galient Digging)

Ranze and Rinnosuke are crossing the mountain to reach the training camp. They hear a suspicious engine sound on the way, and find Tazaki Galient, a Goha Sixth student riding on a blue machine, blocking their path! Galient seems to be planning to sabotage the training camp. He then challenges Ranze to a Duel!

Odo Yuga: Ishibashi Hiiro
Kamijo Tatsuhisa (Rook): Yashiro Taku
Sogetsu Gakuto: Hanae Natsuki
Kirishima Romin: Kusunoki Tomori
Kaizo: Kobayashi Yusuke
Sebastian: Tadano Yohei
Ranze: Kamakura Yuna
Rinnosuke: Kobayashi Chiaki
Tazaki Galient: Nakamura Mitsuki
Supervisor: Yamane Masashi
Club members: Kumagai Kentaro, Yasuda Rikuya
Extras: Kawamura Rie

Script: 野村祐一 || Nomura Yuichi

NOTE: as previously noted, the title of this episode is a reference to the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as Panzer World Galient. Both are mecha anime produced by Sunrise. Bridge itself is founded by former Sunrise staff.


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