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[SEVENS] Episode 22 Summary

Remember that asshole dishwasher? He’s back.

Episode 22: 封じられた悪魔 – Fūjirareta Akuma
(The Sealed Devil)

Yuga and his friends used the coupons they got from Mimi and enjoyed a meal at the AI restaurant. There, they felt that someone was watching them… and it turned out to be Arai Arata! After bringing Rook to the dishwashing room, Arai began a Cheating Duel against him. For some reason, Rook couldn’t use his special power, “Rook Devil”…

Odo Yuga: Ishibashi Hiiro
Kamijo Tatsuhisa (Rook): Yashiro Taku
Sogetsu Gakuto: Hanae Natsuki
Kirishima Romin: Kusunoki Tomori
Kaizo: Kobayashi Yusuke
Arai Arata: Osaka Ryota
AI Robots: Kumagai Kentaro, Yasuda Rikuya
Extras: Kawamura Rie

Script: 久尾歩 || Hisao Ayumu


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