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[SEVENS] Just What Is Gackting?


During the “Rush Duel” Tournament, Gakuto undergoes a major transformation! Let’s do an analysis of his shocking new style!!


Sougetsu Gakuto (Gackting Version)
This is Gakuto’s answer to his comrades Ranze and Rinnosuke, who thought he didn’t care. It’s a corny gag of rap style rhymes and flashy gaudy clothes…

Gackting Point (1)
A splendid baseball cap that renders people speechless

Gackting Point (2)
Proud dreadlocks grow from the baseball cap.

Gackting Point (3)
A comically oversized medallion with a moon design that evokes the idea of the “Sougetsu Style”

What is the figured that the normally straight laced Student Councl Prez has turned himself into…

He’s decided to introduce the modern form of the style in order to carry the pride as the next head of the Sougetsu Style.

Even the strongest foe, Neil, is at a loss for words!
However, the endgame of the Duel turns into an explosive wave of battle!!

The normally stoic and deadpan Neil is completely flabbergasted. However, as the battle rages on, he sees Gakuto is adhering to the truth path of the Sougetsu Style. Allowing him to understand what it really means. Who will be the winner in the clash between these two…!?


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