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[SEVENS] Cards from the Luke Manga

Kaizo Jokes ahoy.

Not confirmed for release.

パトドローン・ランプ Patdrone Lamp
ATK 800
Send 1 card from the hand to Draw

ボスドローン・デカイゾー Boss Drone Dekaizo
Level 7 WIND Machine-Type Effect Monster
ATK 2000
DEF 2500
Special Summon 2 Sonic Jaeger from the Graveyard.

Note: Dekaizo is basically “Huge Mod” as a Portmanteau.

リミッター改造 Limiter Kaizo (Limiter Remodel)
Normal Spell Card
When the difference in LP is 2000 or more, a Machine-Type monster gains 2000 ATK.

炸裂改造(リアクティブ・アルター) Reactive Alter (Sakuretsu Alter)
Normal Trap Card
It reacts to an attacking monster and destroys it.

Kaizo’s Spells and Traps are wordplay on other classic cards from the OCG.



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