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[SEVENS] Another Romin Interview Excerpt

Just some interesting blurbs.


Ms. Tomori, playing Kirishima Romin, plays a character with excellent grades and great at sports. According to what we’ve heard, she was a Student Council President in Junior High School, which made her sympathize with the character.

“Because of my cousin’s influence, I was jealous of boys who were interested in Dueling in my class. If I had been taught how to play at that time, I would have been hooked just like Romin (ehehehe).” She said, embarrassed.

“When I started the role, Romin was hard to make sure she seemed like a kid in Elementary School, because she starts off seeming mature and very mysterious. Recently, I’ve had more chances to be cute and girly in a way that’s closer to my age, so I’m having less trouble.”



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