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[OCG] Hong Kong Synchron Extreme Tournament

A Structure Deck side tournament that comes with a free mat.

The event is being held on December 14th, 2014, the same day as the main Hong Kong Asia Plus event. For 120 Hong Kong Dollars (roughly $15.50), players can enter and they’ll also receive a Synchron Extreme mat featuring the new monsters from the Deck.

The tournament itself requires you to build a deck solely consisting of cards from Synchron Extreme, but can have any configuration of those cards. (Basically build a deck from 3 copies of SD28).

The tournament is also Swiss format, and the winners will get a box of “The Rarity Collection”, a reprint set for the OCG consisting of old out-of-print promos. However, they’ll only be able to get their prize after the set has been released.


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