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[OCG] Structure Deck 26 Contents

A picture (a very blurry fuzzy picture) of Structure Deck 26’s set contents has appeared, and one of the most reliable sources from the OCG, XYZ Dragon Cannon, has apparently deciphered most of it.

SD26-JP001 Cyber Dragon Core
SD26-JP002 Cyber Dragon Drei
SD26-JP003 Cyber Dragon (x 2)
SD26-JP004 Cyber Dragon Zwei (x 2)
SD26-JP005 Proto-Cyber Dragon (x 2)
SD26-JP006 Cyber Vary
SD26-JP007 Cyber Larva (x 2)
SD26-JP008 Cyber Phoenix
SD26-JP009 Cyber Dinosaur
SD26-JP010 Cyber Eltanin
SD26-JP011 Armored Cybern
SD26-JP012 Satellite Cannon
SD26-JP013 Solar Wind Jammer
SD26-JP014 Jade Knight
SD26-JP015 FalchionĪ²
SD26-JP016 Reflect Bounder
SD26-JP017 The Light – Hex-Sealed Fusion
SD26-JP018 Shining Angel
SD26-JP019 Cyber Repair Plant
SD26-JP020 Evolution Burst
SD26-JP021 Super Polymerization
SD26-JP022 Power Bond
SD26-JP023 Limiter Removal
SD26-JP024 Megamorph
SD26-JP025 D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation
SD26-JP026 Transmodify
SD26-JP027 Mystical Space Typhoon
SD26-JP028 Heavy Storm
SD26-JP029 Cyber Network
SD26-JP030 Cybernetic Hidden Technology
SD26-JP031 Three of a Kind
SD26-JP032 Trap Stun
SD26-JP033 Dimensional Prison
SD26-JP034 Malevolant Catastrophe
SD26-JP035 Waboku
SD26-JP036 Call of the Haunted
SD26-JP037 Cyber Twin Dragon
SD26-JP038 Cyber Dragon Nova


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