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[Chinese OCG] Structure Deck 18

Yes, the Chinese OCG is getting Machina and Gadgets.

基本組 機甲指令
Release Date: July 19th, 2014 (Machiners Command)

SD18-TC001(UR)機甲要塞 (Machina Fortress)
SD18-TC002(SR)機甲結構體 (Machina Gearframe)
SD18-TC003(SR)機甲和平衛士 (Machina Peacekeeper)
SD18-TC004 廢鐵回收機 (Scrap Recycler)
SD18-TC005 督戰官柯賓頓 (Commander Covington)
SD18-TC006 機甲士兵 (Machina Soldier)
SD18-TC007 機甲狙擊兵 (Machina Sniper)
SD18-TC008 機甲防衛兵 (Machina Defender)
SD18-TC009 機甲武裝 (Machina Force)
SD18-TC010 密碼尖兵 (Kinetic Soldier)
SD18-TC011 Sphere Bomb 球體限時炸彈 (Blaster Sphere)
SD18-TC012 強化支援戰機‧重裝兵器 (Heavy Mech Support Platform)
SD18-TC013 電子龍 (Cyber Dragon)
SD18-TC014 原始電子龍 (Proto-Cyber Dragon)
SD18-TC015 綠色齒輪 (Green Gadget)
SD18-TC016 紅色齒輪 (Red Gadget)
SD18-TC017 黃色齒輪 (Yellow Gadget)
SD18-TC018 武裝電子炮  (Armored Cybern)
SD18-TC019 電子變形龍 (Cyber Valley)
SD18-TC020 機甲部隊的最前線 (Machina Armored Unit)
SD18-TC021 禁止令 (Prohibition)
SD18-TC022 光之護封劍 (Swords of Revealing Light)
SD18-TC023 收縮 (Shrink)
SD18-TC024 前線基地 (Frontline Base)
SD18-TC025 聯合突擊 (Combination Attack)
SD18-TC026 波動加農炮 (Wave-Motion Cannon)
SD18-TC027 機械複製術 (Machine Duplication)
SD18-TC028 地獄的暴走召喚 (Inferno Reckless Summon)
SD18-TC029 手牌斷殺 (Hand Destruction)
SD18-TC030 卡片交易商 (Card Trader)
SD18-TC031 時光機-Time Machine (Time Machine)
SD18-TC032 次元幽禁 (Dimensional Prison)
SD18-TC033 金屬化‧魔法反射裝甲 (Metalmorph)
SD18-TC034 稀有金屬化‧魔法反射裝甲 (Rare Metalmorph)
SD18-TC035 停戰協定 (Ceasefire)
SD18-TC036 聯合陣型 (Formation Union)
SD18-TC037 強制逃生裝置 (Compulsory Evacuation Device)
SD18-TC038 騎乘!(Roll Out!)


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