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[Rush Duel] Test Event Tournament

The marketing department is busy figuring out a catchier name.

A new event will be held this month across the Satellite Shops. It will have a tournament structure with Matches, and up to 3 Decks can be used.

Compete using up to 3 Decks.
A tournament structure with Matches!

Rush Duel Competitive Event (Test Event)

Konami Card Game ID, Deck(s) (up to 3 can be used)

Tournament Rules:
In the tournament, the results will be determined via Matches (first to win 2 Duels/Max. 3 Duels)

Additional Rules:
Up to 3 copies of a card can be used per Deck.
Also, it is possible to use 3 copies of a card in each of the 3 Decks respectively.
Only 1 LEGEND card can be included per Deck (including Main Deck and Extra Deck)
You can change your Deck between Duels.

Deck Size Restrictions:
-Main Deck: 40 to 60 cards (inclusive)
-Extra Deck: 0 to 15 cards (inclusive)
-LEGEND Cards: 1 per Deck (including each Extra deck)
(Note that if it sounds weird that they make much emphasis on Matches and tournaments, it’s because it’s common for stores and unofficial tournaments to hold events with no tournament structure, or a tournament with just single Duels instead of Matches)

Source, with a tournament schedule if you happen to be in Japan and feel like attending.

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