[Rush Duel] Galaxy Cup 2023 Details

There’s a neat dragonic looking Galaxy monster you get as a promo.

The details for the 2023 version of the “Galaxy Cup”, which determines who is the Number 1 Duelist in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duels!! This time the event is features two divisions: The general division and the Saikyo Dragon Duelist Division (for Elementary Schoolers), and participants recieve a special card!

Galaxy Cup 2023
Area Representative Match
Match Battle/Single-Elimination Tournament
Each Round is 40 Minutes
Participants get a Normal Parallel foil of “Majestic Masterburst”

RD/GC23-JP001 マジェスティック・マスターバースト Majestic Masterburst
Level 8 LIGHT Galaxy Normal Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2000
(The glittering glow of the conquering king that rules over tens of thousands of stars. Once one reaches the highest heights, its true form will be revealed.)

General Division Events:
1st Period: April 15th, 2023 to April 30th, 2023
2nd Period: June 3rd, 2023 to June 18th, 2023

Saikyo Dragon Duelist Showdown:
July 8th, 2023 to July 23rd, 2023

Participation is decided by pre-registration and lottery.

The Top Cut Tournament: August 2023

The top four Duelists of the finals of each Division will recieve an Over Rush Rare foil “Majestic Masterburst”!


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