[Rush Duel / Deck Recipe] “Dayu the Dark King of Ys” Deck

Instant death by chair to the head.

“Dayu the Dark King of Ys” Deck

KEY POINT: A deadly Deck featuring “Dayu the Dark King of Ys”

Chiefly based around 0 ATK monsters, this Deck has means of converting that into high ATK.

With 8 or more 0 ATK monsters in the GY, aim to Normal Summon “Dark Throne”. Catch your opponent unprepared and instantly seize victory.

3 Throne of Darkness
3 Dayu the Dark King of Ys
3 Fiendish Commander Yameruler
3 Forgiving Immortal
3 Dwell Chair Gear
3 Dwell Chair Bone
3 Dwell Chair Saber
3 Babysitter Goat
3 Dragon’s Setupper
3 Dragon’s Upsetter

1 Shield & Sword
3 Hammer Crush

3 Collapse Chair
3 Essence of the Hermit

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