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[OCG] MACR “Lyrical Luscinia” Sample Deck Reciple

Konami introduces their suggested Lyrical Luscinia Deck Recipe based on the Deck’s concept of multiple direct attacks.

“Lyrical Luscinia” Deck

Its effect grants it 200 ATK for each Xyz Material attached. It can attack directly, attacking a number of times equal to its Xyz Materials. During your opponent’s turn or your own, you can detach an Xyz Material and your Lyrical Luscinia monsters won’t be able to be destroyed by battle or effect, and any damage you take becomes 0. So during either turn, it’ll be able to play a major role.

And with the effect of “Lyrical Luscinia – Recite Starling” or Equip Spells, you’ll be able to unleash powerful direct attacks.

3 Lyrical Luscinia – Cobalt Sparrow
3 Lyrical Luscinia – Sapphire Swallow
3 Lyrical Luscinia – Torquoise Warbler
1 Pendulumucho
2 Windwitch – Snow Bell
3 Raidraptor – Last Strix
1 Raidraptor – Pain Lanius
2 D.D. Crow
2 Kinka-Byo
2 Jester Confit
1 Performapal Trump Witch

1 Hidden Arsenal
1 Psychic Blade
1 Unstable Evolution
2 Swallow’s Nest
2 Pot of Desires
3 Where Arf Thou?
1 One for One
1 Monster Reborn
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
2 Twin Twisters

2 Harpie’s Feather Storm

1 Lyrical Luscinia – Independent Nightingale
3 Lyrical Luscinia – Assembly Nightingale
2 Lyrical Luscinia – Recite Starling
2 Number 77: The Seven Sins
2 Raidraptor – Ultimate Falcon
1 Number 54: Lion Heart
1 Number F0: Utopic Future


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