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[Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS] Excerpt of Interview with Main Female Actress

It is a Mystery.

Interview With Kusunoki Tomori

―― What kind of character is Romin?

To start off with, she’s a enigmatic girl, shrouded in mystery, who you’re never quite sure is either friend or foe.

While she says she’s not interested in Dueling, she’s oddly familiar with Duels, she’s always watch Duels, which is something you typically only do if you’re interested in it even a little. However, as the show goes on, Romin gives a lot of commentary and dialogue, that seems to point to her not being well versed about Dueling, but she’s the person who is meant to stand in for those who don’t know a thing about Dueling until now.

―― How was the atmosphere at the Recording Studio?

Lively, I’d say. I’d often talk during breaks, and there’s a lot of interesting lines from the guest characters, and I’d laugh during tests, so I’d say it’s a bright and happy place, that’s quite lively.

―― Please Tell Us Any Scenes You’d Like To Draw Attention To

In the future, please pay attention to what kind of relationship Romin has with Yuga and the others, why she has such a suspicious air to her, as the mysteries surrounding Romin are slowly peeled back one after another.



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