Rivals of the Pharaoh Spoiler List

Finished with help from YouTube Videos and the Wikia.

DPRP-EN001 Silent Swordsman
DPRP-EN002 Silent Magician
DPRP-EN003 Silent Paladin
DPRP-EN004 Silent Sword Slash
DPRP-EN005 Silent Burning
DPRP-EN006 Magnet Reverse
DPRP-EN007 Magnet Force
DPRP-EN008 Neutron Blast
DPRP-EN009 Lullaby of Obedience
DPRP-EN010 Tribute Burial
DPRP-EN011 Dark Sanctuary
DPRP-EN012 Dragon Master Knight
DPRP-EN013 Dark Magician of Chaos
DPRP-EN014 Dedication through Light and Darkness
DPRP-EN015 Fiend’s Sanctuary
DPRP-EN016 Silent Swordsman LV3
DPRP-EN017 Silent Swordsman LV5
DPRP-EN018 Silent Swordsman LV7
DPRP-EN019 Silent Magician LV4
DPRP-EN020 Silent Magician LV8
DPRP-EN021 Green Gadget
DPRP-EN022 Red Gadget
DPRP-EN023 Yellow Gadget
DPRP-EN024 Stronghold the Moving Fortress
DPRP-EN025 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
DPRP-EN026 Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
DPRP-EN027 YZ-Tank Dragon
DPRP-EN028 Dragon’s Mirror
DPRP-EN029 Dragon Shrine
DPRP-EN030 Silver’s Cry
DPRP-EN031 Castle of Dragon Souls
DPRP-EN032 Helpoemer
DPRP-EN033 Metal Reflect Slime
DPRP-EN034 Blast Held by a Tribute
DPRP-EN035 Exchange of the Spirit
DPRP-EN036 Mystical Beast of Serket
DPRP-EN037 Temple of the Kings
DPRP-EN038 Sangan
DPRP-EN039 Necroface
DPRP-EN040 Dark Necrofear
DPRP-EN041 Destiny Board
DPRP-EN042 Spirit Message “I”
DPRP-EN043 Spirit Message “N”
DPRP-EN044 Spirit Message “A”
DPRP-EN045 Spirit Message “L”
DPRP-EN046 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Silent Swordsman
Silent Magician
Silent Paladin
Neutron Blast
Lullaby of Obedience
Dark Sanctuary

Silent Sword Slash
Silent Burning
Magnet Reverse
Magnet Force
Tribute Burial
Silver’s Cry

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Castle of Dragon Souls
Dark Magician of Chaos
Dragon Master Knight
Dragon Shrine
Dragon’s Mirror
Fiend’s Sanctuary
Metal Reflect Slime
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
YZ-Tank Dragon

Blast Heldge by a Tribute
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Dark Necrofear
Dedication through Light and Darkness
Destiny Board
Exchange of the Spirit
Green Gadget
Mystical Beast of Serket
Red Gadget
Silent Magician LV4
Silent Magician LV8
Silent Paladin LV3
Silent Paladin LV5
Silent Paladin LV7
Spirit Message “A”
Spirit Message “I”
Spirit Message “L”
Spirit Message “N”
Stronghold the Moving Fortress
Temple of the Kings
Yellow Gadget

Notes of Interest:
– There are 2 more Ultra Rares in this pack
– Sangan comes with a Text Errata, the one from the OCG.
– Silent Paladin and Silent Magician are uncensored.
– Thousand-Eyes Restrict has Problem Solving Card Text.
– Eternal Soul, Dark Burning Attack, and Dark Burning Magic were removed.
– Sangan, Dark Necrofear, Necroface and Silent Paladin were added
– The Two Extra Ultra Rares are Dark Sanctuary and Silent Paladin
– Silver’s Cry was upgraded from Common to Super Rare
– Thousand-Eyes Restrict was downgraded from Super Rare to Rare
– Magnet’s Reverse was upgraded from Rare to Super Rare
– Dark Magician of Chaos was downgraded from Super Rare to Rare
– Dark Sanctuary was upgraded from Rare to Ultra Rare



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