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[Duel Links] Rise of Yubel: Soul Polymerization

Complete challenges to Duel Yubel and if you complete more challenges, an all-new character will start appearing after July 31….

Available until August 6 2019.

  • Event Flow
  • Event Information
  • Recommended Event Rewards
  • How to Unlock Yubel

Event Flow

1. Collect Shattered Hearts

Obtain Shattered Hearts by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels.

2. Unlock Challenges

Unlock challenges by obtaining Shattered Hearts and Event Points. By proceeding through the challenges, you will be able to Duel Yubel.

3. Duel Yubel

Use Shattered Hearts at the Gate to Duel Yubel. In addition, Yubel will also appear in Duel World after a certain amount of time.

4. Receive Rewards by Dueling in the Event 

Duel Yubel to obtain exclusive cards.

You can also obtain Rewards such as Cards, Gems and Gold by accumulating Event Points.

Event Information

Shattered Hearts 

Conditions to unlock Challenges 

*Win Duels to obtain a greater amount of Shattered Hearts.

When you obtain Shattered Hearts, you will receive an additional 10 Shattered Hearts up to twice a day.

EX Jewels

Expiration date: August 13 2019

Recommended Event Rewards 

You can obtain various rewards by Dueling Yubel and accumulating Event Points.

Obtained by completing the challenges

Exclusive Character “Yubel”

Yubel’s Ace Card

“Yubel” [UR]

Obtain by Dueling Yubel 

“Yubel – Terror Incarnate” [UR]

“Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare” [UR]

“Evilswarm Golem” [SR]

“Evilswarm Hraesvelg” [SR]

“Samsara Lotus” [SR]

“Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World” [R]

More information about the new unknown Character to follow.