[DP20] V Jump Rarities and Reprints

For the revealed cards and themes.

Duelist Pack Legend Duelist 3
Release Date: June 9th, 2018

The concept of Legend Duelist 3 is “Rival Characters” from each series. (Rival in this sense means anyone who recurringly duels with and/or against the hero. It can range from Kaiba to Serena to Battle Beast to Crow. It’s a very vague term.)

They state that “That Rival’s” cards are also here. (Someone who’s a massive curveball.)

Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon (Super Rare)

Bingo Machine GO! GO! (Super Rare)

Chaos Form (Common)

Cyber Eternity Dragon (Ultra Rare)

Cyber Pharos (Rare)

Cyberload Fusion (Super Rare)

Power Bond (Common)

Blackwing – Full Armored Master (Ultra Rare)

Blackwing – Simoom the Poison Winds (Super Rare)

Blackwing – Auster the South Wind (Rare)

Black Whirlwind (Common)

Starliege Dragon Photon Burst Dragon (Ultra Rare)

Photon Vanisher (Rare)

Photon Change (Rare)

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon (Common)

Photon Thrasher (Common)

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