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[V Jump August 2017] Misc

The July Yu-Gi-Oh! Day for Japan’s been announced, and it’s a chance for more Yusaku swag. And also the identity of next month’s promo card.

Japan’s next Yu-Gi-Oh! Day will be held on July 8th and 9th, and is scheduled to be a Free Duel Format.

You can just freely play three Best of 1 Games at your store.

Participants get these Playmaker & Firewall Dragon Sleeves

One random participant at YGO Day will get this Rubber Duel Field featuring monsters of the Cyberse-Type.

Cyberse Converter is next month’s V Jump Promo

Shueisha will be doing a new Promo Pack that you can order. (Limited Supplies). It features Game Original Link Monster Cards based in the image of Playmaker, Revolver, Go Onizuka and Blue Angel’s Decks!

Cyberse Accelerator
Link 3 LIGHT Cyberse-Type
Links: Left, Right, Bottom

Reloader Dragon
Link 2 DARK Dragon-Type
Links: Left, Right

Trickstar Bloody Mary
Link 2 LIGHT Fairy-Type
Links: Right, Bottom Left

Gouki Destroy Ogre
Link 4 EARTH Warrior-Type
Links: Left, Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right

Ichiban Cafe “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Series ~Legend Duelist~

Another YGO Cafe will be held from August 19th to September 1st, 2017


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