[RD/KP03] Sheath the Scabbard of the Holy Swordsman (plus Interest)

Rush Duels are a series of puns and then you lose to probably a Dragon.

RD/KP03-JP017 聖剣士の鞘払いシース Seikenshi no Sayaharai Sheath (Sheath the Scabbard of the Holy Swordsman (plus Interest))
Level 5 LIGHT Spellcaster-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1700
DEF 200
Requirement: Place a total of 4 monsters (Warrior-Type and/or Spellcaster-Type) from your Graveyard on the bottom of your Deck in any order to activate.
Effect: Special Summon 1 monster (Level 7/Warrior-Type) from your hand face-up to your field.

Note: This one is a dumb pun, Saya means “Scabbard”, but they’re having it be read as like Markup or Interest Payment with Harai.


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