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[Reference Art] Performers

That trio of musical weirdos.

Full art:

Rhytmical Performer:

“Short length hoodie, full length percussion”
(note: this is a pun on “hoodie” being “parker” and the first part of “percussion” sounding similar. The label at the top of this monster is “percussion” which probably means this was likely a temporary name and they wanted the whole design to run on that pun)


“The horns are power switches”


Top right: “Long zipper”
Left: Garter belt

Speedy Performer:

Top: “Backup vocals and dancer”
Top left: “Loose sleeves”
Middle: “Tights”
Bottom: “Sneaker-like sandals”

Amusi Performer:

Description at the top: “Vocals” “Not good”
Hair accessory: “Sound amplifier”
Blue text: “Sound waves flow from the hair roots”


“Has holes to pass the hair through”

Rest of the body:

Right: “Since she’s short, she has tall insoles”
Left: “Kneesocks that look like doll articulations”


“Who cares, I”m tone-deaf after all”


“A suitcase-shaped portable amp. The light-emitting lines all over it supply electric power”

Live scene:

Audience: “uwaaa” (hard to tell if they are enjoying it or feeling pain)
Around Amusi: *Electric crackling sounds*


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