[Reference Art] DABL Ninja

Come for the muscle girl, stay for tiny design notes.

War Ninja Meisen & Musket Ninja Kagero:
Full art:

Meisen upper body:

Top left: “The design of the shoulders is asymmetrical to each side”
Top right: “Translucent”
Bottom right: “Plenty of raw skin [is visible] between the left shoulder and the left arm”
Bottom left: “Black parts”

Meisen Muffler:

“The tip of the muffler is shaped like flames”

Meisen Boots:

Tabi boots”

Meisen Weapon:

Top left: “Weapon: Twin Swords”
Top right: “Effect like cheery blossom petals”
Bottom: “Ninjatou + deer horn”

Kagero top:

Top: “Eyepatch with a scope”
Left: “Weapon: Cannon”

Kagero Fire:

“Fire comes out of her hands (although she rejects being used like a lighter)”

Kagero Ammo Belt:

“Ammo belt (the ammo is spherical)”

Muscle Girl (muscle emoji):

Sky Ninja Tobari & Insect Ninja Mitsu:
Full art:

Mitsu head:

Top: “Antenna (bee)”
Bottom: “Accessories”

Mistu back:

Mitsu weapon:

“Releases a poisonous liquid”


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