[RD/ST01] Contents Checklist

Yuga’s Starter Deck. Be the Wizard.

RD/ST01-JP001 Sevens Road Magician (x 1)
RD/ST01-JP002 Windcaster Torna (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP003 Answerer the Demonic Swordsman (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP004 Hydro Magician (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP005 Dark Sorcerer (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP006 Mystic Dealer (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP007 Magical Beast Wolfram (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP008 Spell Archer (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP009 Luminous Shaman (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP010 Stray Familiar (x 3)

RD/ST01-JP011 Wind Spirit’s Blessing (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP012 Magical Steam (x 3)

RD/ST01-JP013 Dark Liberation (x 3)
RD/ST01-JP014 Curtain of Sparks (x 3)


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