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[RD/SBD4] Psychic Beat Content List

Build your ultimate music band.

RD/SBD4-JP001 Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar x 1
RD/SBD4-JP002 Esperaid of the Smashing Lights x 1
RD/SBD4-JP003 Giftaurist x 1
RD/SBD4-JP004 Romick’n’Roller x 2
RD/SBD4-JP005 Berrysist x 1
RD/SBD4-JP006 Psi-Stage Bouncer x 3
RD/SBD4-JP007 Agent Telepath x 3
RD/SBD4-JP008 Silent Assasin x 1
RD/SBD4-JP009 Peace Holder x 1
RD/SBD4-JP010 Amusi Performer x 2
RD/SBD4-JP011 Live Dress Creator x 2
RD/SBD4-JP012 Dreamrummer x 1
RD/SBD4-JP013 Catchy Boardist x 1
RD/SBD4-JP014 Elengel x 2
RD/SBD4-JP015 Eleckiss x 2
RD/SBD4-JP016 Romance Pick x 1
RD/SBD4-JP017 Andoll x 1
RD/SBD4-JP018 Howling Bird x 3
RD/SBD4-JP019 Kamikaze Blade x 1
RD/SBD4-JP020 Climax Finale x 1
RD/SBD4-JP021 Psychic Burial x 1
RD/SBD4-JP022 Stop Defense x 1
RD/SBD4-JP023 Greater Piercing!! x 1
RD/SBD4-JP024 Lullabind x 1
RD/SBD4-JP025 Psychic Introduction x 1
RD/SBD4-JP026 Psychic Trap Hole x 1
RD/SBD4-JP027 Dividing Psychic Wall x 1
RD/SBD4-JP028 2-Block x 1

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