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[RD/SBD3] Three Fiendish Commanders Legion Content List

Hey, Gaia The Fierce Knight.

RD/SBD3-JP001 Yamiruler the Dark Delayer x 1
RD/SBD3-JP002 Fiendish Commander Kimeruler x 1
RD/SBD3-JP003 Fiendish Commander Semeruler x 1
RD/SBD3-JP004 Gaia The Fierce Knight x 1
RD/SBD3-JP005 Tranquil Unknown Soldier x 1
RD/SBD3-JP006 Matsugumi of the Fiendish Commander Squad x 1
RD/SBD3-JP007 Takegumi of the Fiendish Commander Squad x 1
RD/SBD3-JP008 Umekumi of the Fiendish Commander Squad x 1
RD/SBD3-JP009 Blue Falcon Tengu x 1
RD/SDB3-JP010 Mountain Hermit Yur x 1
RD/SBD3-JP011 Battle Commander Nandes x 3
RD/SBD3-JP012 Forbidding Warrior x 3
RD/SBD3-JP013 Faith Bird x 1
RD/SBD3-JP014 Masaki the Legendary Samurai General x 1
RD/SBD3-JP015 Hero of the Yeast x 1
RD/SBD3-JP016 Onmyou Warrior Sakakze x 1
RD/SBD3-JP017 Enshrined Deity Modorina x 1
RD/SBD3-JP018 Soul of Death Reversal x 2
RD/SBD3-JP019 Mokey Mokey x 1
RD/SBD3-JP020 Turtle Keeper of Traditions x 3
RD/SBD3-JP021 The Rabbit of Monthly Moonlit Tears x 3
RD/SBD3-JP022 Bandaged Bowing x 1
RD/SBD3-JP023 Chestnuts Out of the Fire x 1
RD/SBD3-JP024 Block Attack x 1
RD/SBD3-JP025 Stop Defense x 1
RD/SBD3-JP026 Greater Piercing!! x 1
RD/SBD3-JP027 Bowing of the Graying Gauze Guild x 1
RD/SBD3-JP028 Crazy and Complicit x 1
RD/SBD3-JP029 Essence of the Hermit x 1
RD/SBD3-JP030 Fiendish Commander Dance x 1
RD/SBD3-JP031 1 Up x 1


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