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[RD/SBD3] Hero of the Yeast

Or is he just the wielder of a weeablade.

当方は英雄 Touhou ha Eiyuu (Hero of the Yeast/Literally: Hero is the We’s)
Level 4 EARTH Warrior-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1500
(Feel da strength ah dis breadknife-swingin’ samurai who claims ta be from da Far East.)

Note: Literally 当方は英雄 means “We art the Hero”, but since this is a meme take on Touhou no Eiyuu (Hero of the East), it should represent that clearly. Considering the breadknife and croissant headpiece, “Yeast” seems like it carries the idea this is a joke version.

Yes, I intentionally copied the TCG text of “Hero of the East”



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