[RD/SBD2] Dragon’s Dragons Full Set List

Let’s PLAY BALL with Dragons!

“Dragon’s Dragons”

1 Fantastrike Dragon Miragias
1 Dragonic Slayer
1 Dragon’s Lock Closer
1 Shocklead Dragon
1 Leather Life Dragon
1 Sky Dragon
1 Dragon’s Key Person
1 Justice Dragon
1 Crawling Dragon
2 Dragon’s Striker
2 Dragon Merchant
1 Sylphydra
3 Lesser Dragon
1 Dragon’s Upsetter
1 Baby Dragon
1 Lizard Soldier
1 Dragon’s Defender
1 Dragon’s Setupper
1 Palm-Sized Drago

1 Kamikaze Blade
1 Piercing!
1 Stop Defense
1 Dragon’s Connection
1 Return of Dragon
1 One-Side Flip

1 Counter Shield
1 Counter Bomb
1 Great Turtle of Greed
1 Call of the Earthbound
1 Dragonic Disorder

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