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[RD/KP11] Rovian’s Cards! (And Related Support)

Not just psychics. Not just musician. PSYCHIC MUSICIAN BANDIT ADVENTURERS!

RD/KP11-JP024 風彩のプロフェシーフレーズ Fuusai no Prophecy Phrase (Prophecy Phrase of the Colors of the Wind)
Level 7 WIND Psychic Effect Monster
ATK 2200
[REQUIREMENT] If the only face-up monsters you control are WIND Psychic monsters, you can pay 1000 LP to activate this.
[EFFECT] Send all players’ cards in their hand to the GY. Then, inflict 200 damage to your oppponent x [The number of cards sent to the GY by this effect]. And, all face-up monsters your opponent controls lose ATK [equal to the damage inflicted to your opponent by this effect].

RD/KP11-JP064 フォース・オブ・カジバシーフ Force of Kajiba Thief (Force of (Looting) Thief)
Normal Trap Card
[REQUIREMENT] When a card in your Spell/Trap Zone is destroyed by your opponent’s effect, you can activate this.
[EFFECT] Choose up to 2 Spell/Trap Cards in your GY and set them directly to your Spell & Trap Zone. Then, you can choose up to 3 Level 7 or higher Psychic monsters you control. If you chose, during that turn, those monsters cannot be destroyed by battle.

Note: Kajiba is part of Kajibadouboru (Looter/Thief at a Riot).

RD/KP11-JP009 アンプラーグリー Ampler Glee
Level 4 WIND Psychic Normal Monster
ATK 1500
(An informant with a big sisterly personality. She helps Bandijo’s gangs on their quest to discover their tribe’s secrets.)

RD/KP11-JP008 ロバリム Robbarim
Level 2 WIND Psychic Normal Monster
ATK 600
DEF 600
(A curious apprentice adventurer. She often works with Prophecy Phrase and co. in search of the treasures of their ancestors.)

RD/KP11-JP020 ラッドローグ・メル Radrogue Mael
Level 2 WIND Psychic Effect Monster
ATK 700
DEF 400
[REQUIREMENT] If you have 15 or more cards in your Deck, you can activate this.
[EFFECT] Players with no cards in their hand draw 1 card.

RD/KP11-JP026 闘奏のバンディージョ Tousou no Bandijo (Bandigirl/Bandijo of the Battle Ballad)
Level 7 WIND Psychic Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 1500
[REQUIREMENT] You can activate this by paying 1000 LP during the turn this card was Normal Summoned.
[EFFECT] Choose 1 Level 2 or lower Psychic Normal Monster in your GY and add it to your hand. Then, this card gains 300 ATK x [The number of cards in all players’ hands].

 Note: There is a non-zero chance this is a simultaneous Portmanteau of Bandit, Banjo and Girl. But the Banjo is probably more heavily ‘upfront’.

RD/KP11-JP052 重装ダブルネクスカリバー Jyuusou Doublenexcalibur (Heavy Arms – Doublenexcalibur)
Equip Spell Card
[REQUIREMENT] You can equip this card to a face-up Psychic monster you control by sending 1 WIND Psychic monster from your hand to the GY.
[EFFECT] The equipped monster can attack twice per turn.

RD/KP11-JP056 吹き抜ける風 Fuikinukeru Kaze (The Wind Blowing Through)
Normal Spell Card
[REQUIREMENT] Send 1 WIND monster from your hand to the GY.
[EFFECT] Draw 1 card. If you control 2 or more face-up WIND monsters with 1800 or more ATK, you can also draw 1 card.


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