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[RD/KP09] Hints of Insect-Type Support

The March of the Ladybugs begins!

RD/KP09-JP023 プリンセス・テントウ・ホワイト Princess Tentou White (Princess Ladybug White)
Level 4 LIGHT Insect-Type Effect Monster
ATK 700
DEF 1300
[REQUIREMENT] You can activate this by changing this card’s battle position (Attack Position to face-up Defense Position, Defense Position to face-up Attack Position.)
[EFFECT] Special Summon 2 monsters (Level 4 or lower/Insect-Type) from your hand to your field face-up. Then, inflict 700 damage to your opponent.

Note: I think she might be a reference to Electric Wave Humanoid Tackle?

RD/KP09-JP028 ドラモスの幼虫 Dramoth no Youchuu (Dramoth Caterpillar)
Level 3 EARTH Insect-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1000
[REQUIREMENT] You can activate this by sending 1 monster (Insect-Type) from the hand to the Graveyard.
[EFFECT] Draw 1 card.

RD/KP09-JP049 お天道様の森 O-Tentosama no Mori (Forest of the Ladies)
Field Spell Card
[EFFECT] If this card is face-up in the Field Zone, face-up Defense Position monsters (Insect-Type) on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects.

Note: More literally it would be Forest of the Sun, but the Japanese name for Ladybugs is Tentoumushi, so this needs to be kept in mind.


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