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[OCG] 3rd United Duel Tournament Goods

Master of Chaos is pretty kewl.

The 3rd United Duel Tournament will be held November 28th, 2021!

Registration Lottery attempts will start October 14th!

Winners on the day of the event can purchase a “Duel Field – Master of Chaos” playmat at a store of the day of the event!

Duel Field: Master of Chaos
Price: 2200 Yen
1 Rubber Duel Field

Participating stores also let you buy “Master of Chaos” Special Protectors

By paying 1000 Yen on Yu-Gi-Oh! product, you get 1 set of 10 “Master of Chaos” Sleeves! Each person can buy up to 10 sets. (Master of Chaos Playmat, Overseas Cards, Video Game and Rush Duel goods don’t count)

And winners get a “Mystical Elf” Secret Rare (SPECIAL BLUE Ver.)



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