[RD/KP04] Leather-Life Dragon

That one character that gets laughed at and then comes back as the final boss.

Leather-life Dragon
Level 7
[Requirement] Activate by returning 4 Normal Monsters from your Graveyard to the bottom of your Deck in any order.
[Effect] This card gains ATK equal to [the number of monsters each player controls] x 700 until the end of this turn. This turn, the first time this card would be destoryed by the effect of your opponent’s Trap Card, it is not destroyed.

Note from Eva: This card’s name is a pun on the word “revolution” (革命, kakumei). The first kanji is one of the kanji for “leather” (also “reform”), and the second one is the one for “life”, so the name of this card is this two-kanji word being translated as individual words into English.


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