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Prismatic Secret Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon Asia Campaign

The very nice BEWD promo arrives to (most of) the rest of Asia.

The OCG Asia regions will be running store tournaments where the winner will get to walk away with a Prismatic Secret Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Currently the schedule for Malaysia, China, Thailand & Taiwan have been announced where the event will be held starting from 8 August up till September. Details for the event are below.
Event period: Starting from 8 August (Release date of Phantom Rage)
Participate by making a transaction of at least 1 box (30 packs) of Phantom Rage at the event store
Top 8 prizes: Tournament Pack Vol. 3 x 1 pack
Champion: Prismatic Secret Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon x 1 copy
Minimum: 8 participants
** Adhering to local government regulations, during the entire event, duelists are requested to wear a mask. If you should have any signs of breathing issues or fever, please refrain from participating.
** Should the event at the store where you purchased the product be held later then when you purchased the product, please obtain a proof of purchase. You will be required to show it when you participate in the event.
** The event dates are shown in the schedule here. Should there be any changes to the schedule, it will not be posted here. Please confirm the schedule with the store prior to heading to the event.

Nothing has been announced currently for Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines, presumably due to the current local regulations not allowing for events to have 8 participants. We will update further once there is an update for the countries.

Sources: Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Facebook Page, 家家美樂地, 與貓有約 Board Game, and of course our friends at Beyond the Duel doing the initial reporting.

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