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[PP19] Checklist & Remaining Cards

First let’s list off the remaining cards, we’ll get effect text to you as we get them!

PP19-JP001 EMバラード Performapal Ballad
PP19-JP002 EMバラクーダ Performapal Barracuda
PP19-JP003 SRドミノバタフライ Speedroid Domino Butterfly
PP19-JP004 ペンデュラム・フュージョン Pendulum Fusion
PP19-JP005 デストーイ・デアデビル Frightfur Dare-Devil
PP19-JP006 デストーイ・リニッチ Frightfur Reborn
PP19-JP007 R・R・R(レイド・ラプターズ・レプリカ) Raid Raptor Replica
PP19-JP008 No.28 タイタニック・モス Number 28: Titanic Moth
PP19-JP009 ONiサンダー Brohunder
PP19-JP010 連鎖召喚 Chain Summon
PP19-JP011 No.70 デッドリー・シン Number 70: Deadly Sin
PP19-JP012 ネクロイド・シンクロ  Necroid Synchro
PP19-JP013 風来王ワイルド・ワインド Wandering King Wild Wind
PP19-JP014 シンクロコール Synchro Call
PP19-JP015 天輪の双星道士 Celestial Double Star Shaman
PP19-JP016 HEROの遺産 Legacy of a HERO
PP19-JP017 牛頭鬼 Gozuki
PP19-JP018 V・HERO ヴァイオン Vision HERO Vyon
PP19-JP019 堕天使ユコバック Darklord Ukobach
PP19-JP020 堕天使降臨 Darklord Descent

PP19-JP007 連鎖召喚 Rensa Shoukan (Chain Summon)
Normal Spell Card
(1) If you control 2 or more Xyz Monsters: Target the Xyz Monster you control with the lowest Rank (your choice, if tied); Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 Xyz Monster with a lower Rank than that monster you control, but it cannot attack your opponent directly, also return it to the Extra Deck during the End Phase.

PP19-JP009 No.[ナンバーズ]28 タイタニック・モス Nanbaazu Nijyuuhachi Taitanikku Mosu (Number 28: Titanic Moth)
Rank 7 FIRE Insect-Type Xyz Effect Monster
ATK 2400
DEF 2200
Xyz Materials: 2 level 7 monsters
(1) While you control no other monsters, this card can attack directly, but when it does so using this effect, the battle damage inflicted to your opponent is halved.
(2) When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; inflict 500 damage to your opponent for each card in their hand.

PP19-JP012 風来王ワイルド・ワインド Furaiou Wairudo Waindo (Wandering King Wild Wind)
Level 4 DARK Fiend-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1700
DEF 1300
(1) If you control a Fiend-Type Tuner with 1500 or less ATK, you can Special Summon this cad (from your hand). After this card was Special Summoned this way, you cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck for the rest of the turn, except Synchro Monsters.
(2) During your Main Phase, except the turn this card was sent to the Graveyard: You can banish this card from your Graveyard; add 1 Fiend-Type Tuner Monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck to your hand.

PP19-JP013 シンクロコール Shinkuro Kooru (Synchro Call)
Normal Trap Card
(1) Target 1 monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it, but its effects are negated, also, Immediately after this card resolves, Synchro Summon 1 DARK Dragon-Type or Fiend-Type Synchro Monster using monsters you control only.

PP19-JP020 堕天使降臨 Datenshi Kourin (Darklord Descent)
Normal Trap Card
(1) Pay half your LP; Special Summon up to 2 “Darklord” monsters from your Graveyard that have the same Level as 1 monster your opponent controls.

Note: In the official manga, this card was called Fallen Angel Desscent, but it’s listed here as Darklord Descent because it is a Darklord Trap Card.



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